Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color Strips Collection

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I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics
Love very much, they are perfect and always innovative
So, I dedicate this post to her Color Strips Collection

Give Bobbi Brown 5 Minutes.She’ll Make You a Pro.

The Problem: You buy shadows that look amazing in the store, but then you get home and don’t know what to do with them.
The Fix: Everyone can wear bright shades. Bobbi put together these three palettes with pops of color - plus the perfect neutrals that make them work for everyone.
Introducing Bobbi Brown Color Strips Collection: a complete spring eye, lip and cheek wardrobe - designed by Bobbi. Each of these three palettes has five Eye Shadows and three shades of Pot Rouge designed to work together beautifully.
"Don’t be afraid of color. Each palette has one bright eye shadow that really stands out - the rest of my hand-picked shades for eyes, lips and cheeks will make it wearable." –Bobbi Brown

Saturday, March 20, 2010


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So, I was very busy with my job and kel & stopped blogging for some time

I have so much to tell ...

We moved to NY, oh, Thanks god you're so kind to me
We found a very nice house near Rainey Park & Vernon Blvd and we live there now also.

This was the best September & October in my life.
I started life from the beggining, now I have money, I have my house and the best & sweetest - I have Kel.
She is now already 2 years old, very cute & funny

On a new place:

I found & rented office for my new job

I found kindergarten for Kel

I found a fitness club

The good news is that now I already have some loyal clients and I do my job and my office works normally.

5 Rules for Healthy Fitness

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Why we women always have problems with our weight.

It;s rediculous, but even the most skinny girls always have problems.

I go on aerobics and there are 2 skinny girls who go there to become thinner. Funny, but once I asked one of them, why you want to become more thinner when you are already only bones.

She said: oh look at me there is fat on my but.

HM, I started thinking maybe I need glasses? Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes? But no, there is nothing wrong with my eyes I am sure. But there is a big problem with that girls brain.

We dont need to be very thin to look great. We just need to be moderate.

Because fat is the first step for many diseases.

So start today healthy life and stay beautiful.

1. Choose the problematic places on your body and work on them.

2. Do not eat before and after trainings. Minimum 2-3 hours

3. Try to listen to cheering music during exercises this will help to work more active

4. Drink water

5. Think about something good, about how you lose grams and how healthy you will go home after today's training

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


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September 2009 was very worm and calm period for me and baby

I decided 2 things: move from this city and start my own business in another place
& divorce.

I called my husband's dad, told him that I needed his help to fill the documents about divorce and Etien's signature. Etien was on that time already in prison. He was arrested after 2 days he was found in streets for robbery.

His father promised to help, I went to my lawyer and we made all necessary docs. We made everything and sent the docs to France. after 2 weeks Etien's father sent me documents signed and there were 2 more letters. One was copy of testament from Etien's father that he is leaving one of his houses in France to Kelly and Also she will receive 20 000Euros when she will have collegue age. I couldn't stop crying when I saw this, I called him and thanked a lot.
In another there was a letter to Kelly, she should read that after she will grow 15 years old. It was very warm letter about how her grandfather loved my little angel and a lot about me and Etien. He was asking Kelli to forgive Etien that he was not with her all these years. He was not writing that he was in prison, he wrote that he is in clinic for very ill people.
I decided to tell Kelly the same when she will grow up.
I told Etien's father that I will inform him when we will live and he can arrive any time he wants

Now I was divorced and officially single mom

Thursday, March 4, 2010


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After that TO DO LIST a year passed so that I couldn't do any point.

After a week from that day things wend worse & worse

1. Etien ran away from clinic, as his father informed me and he was found after 4 months with some guys in suburb of Paris unconscious :( He even didn't try to call us or ask anything about his babe
I was very grievous of his behavior.

2. Things on my work also went worse and me and one my colleague left this company and made new agency and became partners. I was working hard all the time, I needed clients and I needed money for me and my girl.

So 2009 came and Kel became 1 years old so that her mom was looking as before.
worse, now much tired :(

Kel was already trying to walk herself and she needed a lot of attention not to hurt herself.
Life was rather unfair with me :(
In June 2009 died my father also. This was another terrible strike to me.

After 1 month after fathers death a letter came to me from fathers lawyer, he informed me that dad left me a testament with sum of 60 000$
In one week I became rich. Thank you dad and R I P.
You know I loved you a lot.

Now I was left alone with life, having only my girl, my work and money left from my father.
That summer we went to Italy with Kel and her sitter. These were only great weeks for last 1 year.
We came back on 11th of August, satisfied and tanned.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Desperate TO DO LIST

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That day
I didn't go to work, I called and asked a day off. I called also Kel's sitter and gave her a day off also.
When she woke up and smiled to me, the life became colorful again.
I put on my jeans, my T-shirt, cap to hide my desolated hair, I dressed baby and we went to walk for the whole day.
I needed to stay in parks or some open space to think about my future. How to become the same Leticia as before wedding.
That beautiful and cheerful girl as I was always ...

The whole day we spent in streets, parks, cafes. Kel was 4 months already and she was becoming calmer baby and she didn't cry that much as before.
This was the best day for last 8 months, yess, it was

And after this great day, on the evening we went home, Kel fell asleep and I started making TO DO LIST
Here it is:

1. Find the best and nearest Fitness Club and start exercise
2. Ask my boss to give me more free time
3. Ask my boss to let me work mostly from home
4. Loose weight (a lot)
5. Start visiting beauty centers every week
6. Start visiting spa centers every week
7. Start going on Yoga
8. Begin blogging and meet lots of single moms around the world (even virtually)
9. Start going out with friends
10. Start clubbing
11. Start planning summer vacations somewhere abroad
12. Start visiting pool and sunbathing
14. Take care of every part of my body
15. Collect money for better and more fashion car.
16. Spend more time with my girl and study her - what she likes, what she dislikes etc.
17. Start visiting a lot of places by foot, try to walk a lot with baby
18. Start dating :) Maybe some goldfish is waiting for me
19. Be kind to everyone

That was the list that I created

Monday, March 1, 2010


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All this period I was so depressed that I even didn't think about myself.
I ate a lot to be energetic, I didn't sleep several nights along. Kelly was very capricious baby. She had all the time stomachaches, earaches, she was very weak baby. Maybe because that I had very hard pregnancy.

And after this period one great May morning I woke up with sun. The morning was wonderful, I looked at Kelly, she was sleeping and like smiling. First time in my life I felt alive, everything was singing in me.
I ran in kitchen, made my lovely coffee and first time after 3 years I smoked a cigarette, which left my EX husbands dad. The taste was great, delicious American coffee and French cigarettes ...

Kelly was still sleeping, I went to bathroom, took shower after great coffee, then I opened my wardrobe to choose something very soft & beautiful to look great this morning and here it began..
In the biggest mirror I saw myself naked from head to legs, I saw some ugly women, That was not me always slim and beautiful. From mirror some fat lady was looking at me, with ugliest hairstyle, with neglected face. I was shocked seeing this. There was some Lady Kvazimodo looking at me from the mirror. This wasn't me :(
But from the truth will never run away.
And I realized what I have done with myself last several months :(
I even didn't have normal clothes to wear, I started crying and looking at Kel ...
Does she need such ugly mom?
Of course not ...
I must do something, from today, exactly, this day is the date of starting new life ...

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